Рутин С


It is recommended in addition to food ration as a source of antioxidants (rutin and vitamin C) in an optimum ratio for support of resilience of an organism, a normal functional state of blood capillaries and cardiovascular system, the general strengthening of an organism.


Polyvital Kids-Vit syrup

Is recommended for support of normal function of vision organs, child’s nervous system, for support of vitamin balance in the organism of children during the autumn and winter period and in the period of increased mental loads.

Ферроцинк С


Is recommended for general strengthening of the organism and as an additional source of iron, zinc and vitamin C for persons with the decreased blood hemoglobin level.


Decal B12

Is recommended for support the protection functions and overall strengthening the child’s body in the period of intensive growth.

Женьшень сироп

Ginseng Syrup

Is recommended for support the body endurance during increased physical and mental stresses, normal function of the nervous system and overall strengthening of the body.