By the day of the 171 anniversary of the birth of the outstanding scientist, an infectious disease specialist and a Nobel Prize winner in physiology and medicine, Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov, a scientific-practical conference with the participation of international experts was held in Kharkiv.

The event was held under the general sponsorship of the corporation PHARCO Corporation, European Egyptian Pharm. Ind. and Ukrainian pharmaceutical company Ayapharma at Kharkiv National Medical University. The conference is held for the seventh time, but only this year, foreign experts in the field of infectious diseases have supplemented a number of qualified speakers: Dr. Amr Fahmy (Egypt), Professor Yahya Elshazli (Egypt) and Professor Ishmael Soner Koltas (Turkey).

At the plenary meeting, topics that describe new methods for the treatment of infectious diseases in children and adults were discussed; innovative medicines and their effectiveness were reported on.

One of the major topics discussed at the conference was the pandemic of viral hepatitis, particularly hepatitis C, its diagnosis and therapy. Experts noted, “so far interferon and interferon-free treatment regimens are available in Ukraine”. The speakers paid specific attention to the complex therapy of direct-acting antiviral drugs, namely sofosbuvir that made it possible for patients to reduce the time of treatment without severe adverse reactions and to provide treatment without the use of interferon in some genotypes. Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, main infectious disease specialist of Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine Golubovskaya Olga Anatolievna noted:

«Prior to that, unfortunately, we could indirectly affect the virus by drugs of interferon and ribavirin. The treatment was very long, from 24 weeks to a year and a half. Moreover, its effectiveness was questionable».

Also, speakers in their reports raised the issue of access of modern, innovative drugs against hepatitis C for the Ukrainian people, the role of the state and all of us in the fight against the pandemic of hepatitis C. Olga Anatolievna noted that the main purpose of active struggle is “the elimination of viral hepatitis as a major problem of public health by the year 2030 “.

The achievement of this goal is possible, because the only registered generic sofosbuvir, under the trade name Grateziano (Grateziano) is already on the shelves of Ukrainian pharmacies.