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Ukrainian company “Ayapharma” is the partner of “Pharco corporation” and has got the rights for promotion and distribution of medicinal products in Ukraine.


Group Companies:

  •  Pharco Pharmaceuticals
  •  European Egyptian Pharmaceutical Industries
  •  Pharco B International
  •  Amriya Pharmaceuticals
  •  Safe Pharma
  •  Techno Pharma Egypt


  • Pharco Corporation strives to help improving health and well- being at every stage of life through providing high quality medicines at affordable prices, and unraveling major health challenges via innovation, and sharing success with others all around the globe.


  • Pharco Corporation operates in a way that actively recognizes the central role that healthcare plays in the development and well-being of the society by initiating innovative techniques to improve the quality of life in the local, national and international community.


  • Growth
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Global Penetration
  • Corporate Social Responsibility