Фарко ПНГ


Our products are produced by «Pharco Corporation» located in Alexandria (Egypt). «Pharco Corporation» is the leading pharmaceutical company in Egypt. The staff is more than 660 people. Products are exported to over 65 countries around the world. One of the GMP certified plant of the corporation – EEPI (European Egyptian Pharm. Ind.) produces “Grateziano”.

Millions of patients use the products of «Pharco Corporation» worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of saved lives are an example of the work of our partners. Buying our drugs, you may rest assured of their quality, safety and efficacy. For that end, the pharmaceutical quality system is established, implemented and constantly improved in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements and in accordance with international standards in the company.

A list of the documents confirming the quality of produced products by national and European regulatory authorities:

  • Manufacturer’s license on medicinal product
  • Export certificate of medicinal product
  • License for wholesaling of medicinal product
  • National Type Approval of GMP at the production site
  • CE certificates of GMP to EU at the production site:
  • ISO certificates
  • Certificate of Attestation of quality control laboratory for quality control and safety of medicinal products
  • Certificate of Attestation to conduct measurements of objects indicators in accordance with the certification area